Through strength, training, and preparedness we enable men and women with the mental and physical assurance to forge through unusually strenuous situations.

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First Line Security and Training, LLC is a premier security, training and consulting company. FLST was founded on the principle that law enforcement and civilians alike need to be trained and prepared for every situation. FLST prepares individuals by providing them with the mental and physical strength, training, and preparedness needed to survive a violent encounter. Allow FLST to consult with you and your business. We will prepare you for the future. No matter what business you have we can help.


FLST is a leader in training programs. Often times training is the first thing to be cut from a budget. We suggest that you maximize your training since lawyers look at it first when an incident occurs. Allow FLST to consult and design a training program or class that fits your budget.



– Defensive Tactics
– Active Shooter Response- latest trends and methods
– Teacher Response to Active Shooters
– Self-Defense
– Body & Mind Conditioning
– Handgun Safety- laws and trends
– Advanced Shooting Skills
– Adv. Weapon Retention
– Adv. Home Security – risks
– Identity Theft Prevention
– Bank Robbery Prevention
– Internet Safety

– Use of Deadly Force
– Use of Force Laws
– Ethics & Professionalism
– Detention/Corrections Courses-PBNDS- Refer to Anderson and Associates, – LLC
– Taser User Certification
– Pepper Spray Certification
– Expandable Baton Cert.
– Security Officer Cert.- Refer to Anderson and Associates, LLC.
– Priv. Det. Certification- Refer to Anderson and Associates, LLC.
– EVOC/Driver Training

– Managing Marginal Employees
– Performance Appraisals & Evaluations
– Essential Skills of Professional Management
– Internal Affairs Investigation
– Decision Making

– Workplace Safety
– Workplace Harassment
– Cultural Diversity

Adjunct Instructors

FLST prides itself in the fact that our trainers and instructors are some of the best in the business. FLST has instructors and trainers who are subject matter experts in many fields. Our Adjunct Instructors have varied backgrounds. Some examples are Retired Georgia State Troopers, Current Law Enforcement Professionals, Doctor of Education, Doctor in Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice Professors, Air Marshall, Bomb Expert, Private Detective Instructor, and others. These instructor trainers are all independent contractors.

  • Trooper Rufus Grace (Retired), Georgia State Patrol, Driving Instructor
  • Trooper Tony White (Retired), Georgia State Patrol, Driving and Flight Expert
  • Devin South, Federal Air Marshall, Law Enforcement and SWAT Expert
  • Pete C. Chambers (Retired GBI), Law Enforcement Professional, MPRI, Ordinance Expert
  • Chief Jack Colby, MCLB Fire Department Albany, GA, Fire and Hazmat Expert
  • Lt. Eddie Williams (Retired), Georgia State Patrol, Governor’s Task Force, Marijuana Grow Operation Detection Expert
  • J.D. Anderson, Anderson and Associates, Law Enforcement Management Expert, Private Detective Instructor
  • Harold Pinson, EMA and Emergency Services, Expert, Rescue Expert
  • Dr. Neal McIntyre, Professor Criminal Justice, Valdosta State University
  • Dr. Dee Ann Owens, Assistant Principal at Twin Oaks Elementary School in Leesburg, GA

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Training Images

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